Frequently Asked Questions

What is Path to a
Happy Life?

Path to a Happy Life is a project whose mission is to promote happiness by helping people discover how to live their unique version of a happy life.


If you are seeking your path to a happy life, we consider you to be part of our TRALBLAZER family.

How do I become a TRAILBLAZER?

It’s Simple. Click the “Become a Trailblazer” link in the navigation bar, enter your email address and Voilà… you are transformed!

Is there a cost to become a TRAILBLAZER?

There are no dues or any other charges. The only thing it may cost you is your unhappiness.

What is the benefit of being a TRAILBLAZER?

Path to a Happy Life TRAILBLAZERS are among the first to get updates on new tools, products and free content, all intended to help shine a light on your individual path to a happy life.

How do I get a TRAILBLAZER badge?

When you become a Path to a Happy Life TRAILBLAZER you will automatically receive the honored TRAILBLAZER badge to display with pride on all your email signature files, websites and social media accounts, helping encourage the world to be a happier place. Displaying your TRAILBLAZER badge, tells the world that you are on a resolute quest to live a happy life.

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