3 Ways Celebrating Others Makes Us Happy

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Celebrating Others Makes Us Happy

We have all heard the old adage that it is better to give than to receive. What is it about giving to others, or celebrating and being happy for others that makes us feel good? Why does celebrating others make us happy?

Celebrating others creates a sense of optimism which not only releases endorphins that make us feel good but, can have a beneficial effect on our health. Think of how good it feels when you are just as happy for another person’s success as you are for your own. Think of the pride and excitement you feel when you celebrate others.

When our hearts are filled with encouragement, optimism flows. It is often easier to believe in possibilities for others than for ourselves. So seeing, focusing on and celebrating the success of others supports our faith in achieving our own goals and successes.

When we celebrate the success of others, we foster a positive attitude that strengthens our own resolve to reach the success we desire. Experiencing and being part of celebrating others has a validating effect on us that “success” is possible. This helps us reaffirm our dedication to our own goals and view our pursuits as within our reach.

Focusing on being happy for others, takes our attention off of ourselves. When we’re focused on the happiness of others we no longer feel the doubt, worry or envy that often comes from our impatience when we’re not seeing our own successes materialize in the time-frame we expect. What we think about we attract. So thinking of happiness for others attracts joy.

Being Happy for Others: What Goes Around…

Yes, it is true. What goes around, comes around. Sending out the vibrational energy of happiness to and for others, circles back to us in any number of unforeseeable ways. Celebrating the success of others introduces us to new circles of people, giving us opportunities to widen our sphere of contacts — this may just lead us to meeting the person that we will need in order to move us forward on our path toward our goal.

celebrating othersMeaningful connections with people we care about, provides opportunities for us to share in each other’s joy as well as provide each other with kindness and loving support when it’s needed. The more people we celebrate, the more joy we bring into our lives and the larger our circle of support. What’s not to love about that?

Celebrating others requires that we let go of our tiny world and expand our experience to the vast galaxies of success that comes with selflessness. By focusing on others we are no longer holding on to our thoughts or desire for recognition, which creates an opening for recognition to come our way.

Celebrating Our Differences

By celebrating others, we acknowledge that we each have individual talents, and supports our understanding that praising others does not diminish us, our talents or strengths in any way. Praise and support cannot coexist with jealousy and resentment because compassion and celebrating othersbenevolence quiets rivalry and encourages partnership.

Making a daily ritual of praising others, leads us to practice acceptance of ourselves This habitual self-praise provides us with a daily serving of confidence in our ability to achieve.

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