Super Charge Your Affirmations: 5 Quick Steps

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Affirmation Power: Getting Your Motivation

Supercharged Affirmations have the power to reprogram our mind into believing what it’s being told and be a tremendous motivating force. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is fantasy.

Affirmations can be both positive and negative. They can inspire us and fill us with unbounded motivation, or they can fill us with doubt and an overall lack in self-confidence.  If we are repeatedly told that we have or don’t have the ability to do something, that message can and often does, stay with us in the conscious and /or unconscious mind throughout our entire lives.

Affirmations are statements that are repeated with confidence. They can be a powerful tool to help change our mood, state of mind, and manifest the changes that we desire in our lives. The use of positive affirmations have helped thousands of people make significant changes, they can be a great motivating force. So why don’t they work for everyone?

If a negative belief is deeply held in our subconscious, it has the ability to override a positive affirmation. The thought patterns are so strongly held that they overpower the positive statement. So how can we energize our affirmations so that they have the power to conquer that kind of negative thinking? With the use of super-charged affirmations.

Energizing Affirmations: Maintaining Motivation

Affirmation advice from Motivational Experts, Psychologists and Highly Successful People:

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1. Make a list of what you consider to be your negative attributes.  Make a list of the criticisms other people have made about you, things your siblings, parents, or peers said about you when you were a child, or what a boss or co-worker may have said to you. Don’t consider whether the statements are accurate, simply write them down and look for a common topic area, such as “You’re slow”. When you write it down, pay attention to your body and notice if you are feeling the effects of that statement somewhere in your body, such as a feeling of dread in your heart or your gut.  

Look over the list and consider whether you feel this assessment is helpful to you or can help to make your life more productive. Consider what characteristics would be.

2. Make a list of positive affirmations about this characteristic. Try using other adjectives to make your statements more empowering – Such as instead of saying, “I’m a good person,” you could say, “I’m unique and deserving.” Ask a someone whom you trust and knows you well for suggestions to make your statement more specific.

3. Repeat the affirmation aloud three times a day. When possible, look yourself in the mirror. In the morning when you’re putting on your makeup or shaving makes a good time. During the day, write down the affirmation several times. If you notice that over time your style of writing changes, this could be an indication that your mind has an altered view on this personal characteristic.affirmations

4. Physically support the affirmation in your body. Place your hand on your chest or stomach area and breathe into the area as you repeat or write the affirmation. This will help move the statement from just an idea or thought, into a real and positive incarnation of the attribute.

5. Hearing the affirmation. Your own voice is very powerful. Record yourself stating the affirmation and play it back, listening with an understanding that the speaker cares greatly for you. You may also wish to have a close friend read your affirmation to you. If you don’t have a friend whom you feel comfortable asking, then use your reflection in the mirror to reinforce the positive message.

Remember that consistency, repetition and sincerity are the keys to success.

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